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Listed below are links to a few useful Christian web sites. If you know of any other interesting Christian web sites, please let us know. Here are a list of books, you could find useful for your Christian Life.

Useful Web sites to Korean visitors

Baker Book House
- Books to defend your faith when faced by Cultists / Skeptics / Critics

Christian Resources :
Jesus Connect - Links for Christian living, Christian Resources, Christian graphics & images. - Dr. Sunny Ezhumattoor's articles on the Holy Spirit, Rapture, Revelation, Marriage and Brethren history. It also features links to other christian sites. - Daily devotions to encourage and uplift you.
Back to the Bible - Practical counsel for applying God's word to daily Christianity.
India Gospel - A good gospel site focusing on India and featuring a web directory and Christian songs among other things.
Rain and Showers - Rain & Showers is a Christian magazine, started with the vision to encourage young believers of the Lord Jesus Christ to take up the art of Christian writing.

Landmark Baptist Church
Shady Acres Baptist Church

Education : - School of Biblical & Theological Studies (Diploma -Doctorate by home study)

Evangelists :
Evangelist Ed DeVries

Ministries :
AD-2000 - Church Planting
Brigada - Brigada Network
Caleb Project - Learn about persecuted church. Access maps of the least reached maps of the world.
Living Waters Gospel Broadcast
Maranatha Missions - Maranatha Missions, India.
W.V.I - US Centre for world missions
U.S.C.S.M - US Centre for world missions
Precious Children - A Children's home in Kottayam, South india - Part of the Prison Welfare Ministry.

Newsletters :
Internet for Christians - Christian Newsletter

Search Engines and Directories :
Crosssearch - Gospel Search Engine - Search the Bible in 9 languages and Multiple Bible versions.

Software :
Logos - Excellent Bible Software

Questions and Answers :
Answers in Genesis - This packed site has Biblical answers to the "theory" of evolution. Complete with Search Engine for your questions.

Kerala Brethren Assemblies
To know more about the many sided activities of Kerala Brethren Assemblies and for spiritual help-

Brethren Assembly
Information about brethren assembly and organizations. Visit & Pass it on.

Bible study course
It is an interactive Bible study course entitled "Are You Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?" consisting of 25 lessons visit-

Bible correspondence course
The best, biggest, scriptural, spiritual nourishing and life transforming Bible correspondence course available in 120 languages. Visit and pass it on

All Keralites,make sure to visit or

Visit for good gospel articles

For women's visit

Good News For Atheists


Dr: Billy Graham's global ministry
An ocean of articles on various topics, question answers, Counseling, Bible films, and information about Dr: Billy Graham's global ministry. Please visit & Pass it on.

For in-depth studies on apologetics and various topics-VISIT. courses _assemblies

This web site is an effort to bring educational courses to people who may normally not be able to afford them. Ruby and Shobby are collaborating in this effort .
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